General Family Dentistry

Our San Clemente Office provides general dental care to all members of your family. Dr. Ghorab may feel at times that you are better treated by a specialist and she has a close group of specialists that she works with to provide you the best comprehensive dental care.

We believe that prevention is always the best treatment. Anyone, at any age, can experience tooth decay. In fact, nine out of ten adults have some decay by the age of 40, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Factors such as habits, lifestyle, and certain medical conditions can increase your risk. We will advise you about nutrition, fluoride, mouth rinses, and effective brushing and flossing techniques.

Great oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings are your best weapons against tooth decay and gum disease. During every appointment, we will evaluate your oral health, and check for subtle, early signs of trouble. Decay or gum disease can be treated easily and effectively in the earliest stages.